SHAD campaign provides open forum for student questions

Oct. 11, exactly one month from the terrorist attacks on America, UAA's Shad campaign met in the Campus Center cafeteria to discuss views of God, religion and the correlation to current events.

A panel of five students, including campaign spokesperson Shad Barnett, Ann Dubber and Aaron Bacon, president of Campus Crusade for Christ, took turns answering a variety of questions posed by their audience of about 50 people.

The panel discussion was the finale of a two-week campaign by three campus Christian clubs. The organizations involved were Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, CCC and Baptist Student Union. The campaign included green flyers plastered around campus, chalk writing on concrete walkways outside, students wearing green promotional t-shirts. Barnett opened the forum by explaining his background in the military and overseas. He says those personal experiences helped him reach his belief that God desires a relationship with everyone.

Among issues addressed were Barnett's beliefs on how God ties into the events of Sept. 11. He says the influence of Satan helped trigger the events.

“I believe in God and I believe in Satan…and Satan is on this earth, this is his domain,” Barnett said.

Questions were asked about the panel's feelings on United States' retaliations to the terrorist attacks. As well as the possible ability of the United States to have foreseen the attacks.

Barnett says he was surprised and disappointed that it all happened, but that it was the result of the wickedness of the world. He says he believes it was not something that could not have been predicted.

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Other issues addressed included reactions to the evangelist who had been on campus several weeks ago, preaching that “the whores are among us!” while raising his bible towards the sky.

Barnett said that his heart was in the right place, but that he had gone about sharing his views the wrong way.

The panel answered questions for an hour and invited students to join their discussion.