Services for Seawolves

UAA has plenty of services that can help you through your years in college, but what exactly are those groups? Here are five of the many centers at UAA that can help you in pursuing your academic career. Coordinators and members of each group gave a description to TNL as to how their service can help any Seawolf out.

1. Disability Support Services

July 26, 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Statistically, it is almost inevitable that during one’s lifetime, every single person alive will either personally experience a disability or will be closely related to someone who experiences a disability. At UAA, Disability Support Services (DSS) provides reasonable accommodations for students who experience a disability (temporary, permanent, or acquired) while attending college. Although sometimes an individual may not want to come through our door because of stigma, it is important to recognize that self-reporting is a critical step in the process of equalizing the playing field and also skill development in advocating for YOUR Rights.

We’re located on the first floor of Rasmuson Hall; contact us by phone (907-786-4530); stop by (Room #105); or email ([email protected]) to request an informational meeting or to schedule an appointment to discuss the impact of your disability in the academic setting. DSS strives to ensure maximum accessibility and promotes Universal Design.

Watch for the thought-provoking Disability History Exhibit (which includes 23 panels of disability represented throughout the ages) that will be periodically displayed during the Fall and Spring semesters.

2. UAA Multicultural Center

The UAA Multicultural Center’s mission is to provide programs and services designed to facilitate access, persistence, success and graduation of underrepresented minority students (URMs) at UAA.
The Multicultural Center is the home of several programs that enhance campus diversity and increase engagement and retention of underrepresented minority students (URM) at UAA.

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Our signature programs include the Seawolf Success Program, the AHAINA Program, Men and Women of Excellence, and Graduation Celebrations. The Seawolf Success Program focuses its efforts on first and second year students, along with students who are in transition (transfers, on probation, etc.). AHAINA stands for American, Hispanic, Asian/Pacific Islander, International and Native American students. The AHAINA Program provides services for junior and senior level. The Men and Women of Excellence Program highlights students with junior standing and a minimum of 3.0 GPA. Every semester, we host a graduation celebration for all diverse students receiving degrees from UAA.

The Multicultural Center is housed in Rasmuson Hall, room 106 and we host the following programs and activities for any and all students:

· Cultural Graduation Celebrations
· Culturally relevant programs and services
· Upgraded Computer Lab with faster wireless, Lounge & Study Area
· African American, Hispanic, Asian, International and Native American (AHAINA) Student Programs for Third & Fourth year students
· Sponsored Study Halls during mid-term and finals week every semester (FREE Food)
· Various Academic Success Workshops
· Guidance on educational and personal issues (Advocacy)
· Seawolf Success Program for First & Second year students
· Leadership Opportunities
· Hours of operation are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

3. UAA Career Development Center

UAA Career Development Center is your one-stop shop for preparing you for your future by providing you with free resources to explore and pursue career aspirations! We can help you with getting that job on-campus or off-campus by reviewing your resume and cover letter and practicing your interview skills.

Not sure what career to do with your major or confused about your career path? Schedule a Career Advising appointment with us!

Want to connect with an employer that’s in a career field that you’re really interested in? Participate in our Job Shadowing program!

The UAA Career Development Center has a variety of free resources and events to assist you with your first year as a Seawolf so stop by our center in Rasmuson Hall 122 or call us at (907) 786-4513 to schedule an appointment or for more information about our resources.

4. Residence Life

Live on campus and get connected to the Department of Residence Life! Residents are able to get to class easier, make friends faster, take part in fun activities, and learn how to be an independent UAA Seawolf! A team of live-in professional and student staff members also ensure that residents have a positive academic and social experience at UAA. Students who choose to live in our residence halls or apartments have access to a variety of comforts, a safe living environment, job and leadership opportunities, and a mixture of activities to fill your time.

Highlights include:

Amenities & Comforts:
Laundry Rooms
TV/Study Lounges
Cama-i Room
Computer Lab
Gaming Systems
Seawolf Shuttle
Dining Hall & Convenience Store

Front Desk Check In System
Pin # Door Lock System
University Police
RC & RA On Duty
Security Cameras

Jobs & Leadership Opportunities:
Desk Attendants
Resident Advisors
Community Assistants
Residential Academic Coaches
Cama-i Room Peer Mentors

Living & Learning Communities
Residence Hall Association
Academic Workshops
Late Night Programs

There is also a Student Success Counselor available to confidentially meet with students to assist with academic, personal, and social challenges. For more information call 907-751-7444 or visit

5. Mapworks

Mapworks is a program that has been in existence at UAA since 2010, a tool the college uses to help freshman and sophomore students’ transition to life in college. Using Banner information and survey response data, Mapworks provides staff and faculty with insights into individual students’ college experiences and their propensity for success.

This coming year UAA will participate with SkyFactor-Mapworks as they unveil their new online platform, which will allow users a more simple navigation and interpretation of survey results. UAA Mapworks, part of Student Access, Advising, and Transition, will also be rolling out some changes, including new website additions, a Facebook page, and a new motto. In visiting the UAA Mapworks website or talking to the team, users will hear the mantra: “Take It, Review It, and Bring It.” Mapworks hopes this mantra will remind UAA students who receive the survey link: to take the survey, review the results of the survey, and bring the results to their advisor for discussion of their transition to college.