Seawolves to battle it out with WOU Wolves

Though they have had a busy schedule on the road, the Seawolves volleyball team is finally home for more than one game. After their recent loss to Montana State,UAA had a couple days off before going on the road yet again.

A four-day northwest coast trip with visits to Western Washington, Central Washington, and Rocky Mountain College was capped off by another showdown with Montana State. In their last encounter, Montana State crushed UAA at three sets to none.

But that is all in the past now. With four more games of experience and confidence under their belt, the Seawolves volleyball team is ready to take on a new challenge.

On Oct. 1, UAA plays Western Oregon, ranked fifth in the GNAC, and on October 3, they face off against St Martin’s, who is currently ranked ninth. The Seawolves must play at their peak to compete in either of these games.

Current Great Northwest Athletic Conference standings show UAA as the seventh raked team. With a record of eight wins and five losses as of Sept. 24, UAA is a formidable opponent with a better record overall than Western Oregon, 4-9, and St. Martin’s, 1-8.

UAA’s difficulties seem to arise not when playing a non-conference team, but when they are playing other GNAC teams. However, there are only a few similarities in all of the team’s games throughout the season so far.

Comparing UAA to St. Martin’s only showed similar match ups of Hawaii and Montana State.