Seawolves, Nanooks aircraft to remain under ‘Ravn Alaska’

Photo by Tim Brown.
Photo by Tim Brown.

Last year the University of Alaska received a publicity “lift” from Era Alaska. The airline announced Thursday that it will retire the Era brand to rein in “Ravn Alaska.”

One of Era Alaska’s commuter aircraft received a UAA- and UAF-themed paint job in July. The paint scheme was conceived in hopes of increasing University of Alaska’s visibility around the state.

The brand change will not affect the livery of the UA-themed turboprop unveiled last year, according to Steve Smith, director of sales and marketing at Ravn Alaska.

“The change will only result in a change of signage. The logo will change as soon as we are granted Alaska Department of Transportation approval, which we anticipate within a week. Then we can start answering the phones as Ravn Alaska,” Smith says.

The airline does not anticipate repainting any of its aircraft for another five years.

Only the logo will be repainted on Bombardier Dash-8 and Beechcraft 1900 aircraft, while smaller aircraft serving bush communities will be re-stickered to resemble the change.

Jessica Hamlin, University Advancement senior public relations specialist, said Advancement is not aware of any plans to change the UAA/UAF plane.

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“We are of course grateful for the partnership,” Hamline says.

The “Ravn” brand name is a stylistic shortening of “raven.”