15-1 Seawolf women own the courts

While many UAA students roasted the
Christmas goose and put on their party
hats for New Years, the UAA women’s
basketball team focused on one thing:
crushing the competition.
The women accomplished this between
Dec. 14 and Jan. 10 in eight games where
they steadily continued on their current
15-1 winning streak, averaging 77 points
per game and keeping their opponents at a
meager average of 40 points per game.
Their streak began with back-to-back
games against the Mansfield University
Mountaineers of Pennsylvania on Dec. 14
and 15. Both nights ended with Seawolf
wins of 80-45 the first night and 89-43 the
second and a total of ten Seawolves scoring
both nights. Mansfield was led in scoring
by Courtney Brooks in the two games.
The Seawolves faced off against the
Cal State Stanislaus Warriors on Dec. 19
and 20. Although the Warriors began the
pair of games with an early start of 4-2,
UAA soon went on a 9-0 run and kept
the lead from then on, ending with 86-52.
The Seawolves’ Jackie Thiel achieved her
season high 12 points from 4 treys and
tallied three assists without any turnovers
in game one against the Warriors.
The second game against the Warriors
seemed to be a déj? vu for the Seawolves,
as they had impressive stats and broken
records for the second night in a row.
Nicci Miller hit double digits once
again, draining 19 points in the Dec. 20
match up, and once again Thiel had a
stellar night with seven points, four assists
and two steals.
The Warriors’ forwards Katie Busi and
Lysandra Williams led scoring the first
night with 13 points a piece and Busi went
on to score a team high of ten points in the
second game.
Starting off the New Year with a bang,
the Seawolves obliterated Kuyper College
of Michigan with scores of 89-29 on Jan. 2
and 80-23 on Jan. 3.
UAA started the destruction with a 25-2
run on the Kuyper Cougars, nonetheless
the Cougars continued fighting and were
led in scoring by Rachel Grochowalski
with 13 points. Kuyper is just in their
second year as a basketball program.
The Seawolves’ non-conference play
ended with their second game against the
Cougars, where they tallied their thirteenth
win of the season.
Thiel led the Seawolves in scoring
both games against the Cougars, with a
combined 39 points and broke the Seawolf
record of best ever for over ten three
pointer attempts with 80 percent.
The Seawolves traveled to Washington
for their first conference game against the
Saint Martins Saints.
In their 61-46 win over the Saints on
Jan. 8, senior Rebecca Kielpinski reminded
fans why she is a two time All-American
with 15 points, 15 rebounds, and 4 blocks.
Just as it seemed the Saints would make
a comeback in the second half, junior
Ruby Williams came through with a sixpoint
The Seawolves ended the winter break
with a 57-39 win over the Western Oregon
University Wolves.
Miller and Kielpinski once again ruled
the scoreboard with a combined 35 points
in the Jan. 10 game.
Overall the Seawolf team had six
season bests in these games and is now
tied for the second longest win streak in
program history.