Seawolf athletes impressive in game and in the classroom

Winning takes not only time and effort but a complete dedication to the team and sport. Some collegiate teams don’t have what it takes simply because the dedication is not there from every player.

That is not the case for Seawolf teams that have been competing so far this year.

It seems as though every player on the cross-country, volleyball, hockey, and basketball teams have really stepped it up and focused on the end goal: winning championships.

Being an athlete is not an easy task in the first place. If an average practice for athletes take at least two to three hours a day that is between 14 and 21 hours gone out of every week. Then there is the added weightlifting, watching films, and traveling that also requires a multitude of hours from the teams. That tight schedule leaves very little time to squeeze in homework, eating and sleeping.

Not only is there the necessary time spent on the sports but there are the various sacrifices made in order to be an athlete. Many students hold at least one job while in college whereas not many student-athletes have enough time for jobs unless it is through the university and only part-time.

Another sacrifice may be time spent with friends or significant others during the season.

Nevertheless, the Seawolf teams continue to improve.

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The cross-country teams has made tremendous strides since last season, most noticeably with their recent success at the GNAC championships where the men’s team took first place and the women’s team took second. Both teams then went on to gain NCAA births.

The volleyball team significantly improved in the standings from last season where they only won three games. So far the Seawolves have won 14 games overall and have had two players get GNAC awards.

The hockey team broke the ice when they won their conference opener and broke their three game losing streak against the Duluth Bulldogs. Overall the team has won six games and continues to impress the Western Collegiate Hockey Association with their improvements.

Although the regular basketball season has not started yet, the Seawolf basketball teams have gotten great rankings in preseason polls. The men’s basketball team was ranked third and the women’s basketball team was ranked fifth.

The women’s basketball team also won two out of three games in a D-II exhibition tournament.

Even with these tight schedules and sacrifices the Seawolves have not only improved in each of these sports this season but also have team members that continue to keep their grades up.

Two of the five teams currently competing have had players honored this season for academic accolades while all five of the teams have various players who have been honored in past seasons for their diligence.

So here’s to the Seawolf athletes who represent UAA’s sports program.