Seawolf skiers kick off their season with an in state rivalry meet

It is the beginning and they have a clean slate. On December 5 and 6, the UAA Ski Team has their first meet, a home meet, against the in-state rival UAF Nanooks.

“The meet is important because we race our state rivals UAF and you never want to loose against your neighbor,” said Head Coach Trond Flagstad.

Last year, the team showed major sign of life as the UAA ski team made it to the NCAA Nationals.

“Seeing that we were so close to winning the NCAA last year they all had some extra motivation and an extra excuse to train more and better this summer and fall,” Flagstad said.

Though it is a small squad this year, five men and five women, throughout their preseason, they have trained vigorously, pushing themselves to their limits. Four of the six skiers that went to the NCAA tournament are back again this year.

“We expect every skier that returns to ski better than the year before. As a team they have raised the level and the quality of the workouts,” Flagstad said.

This first meet will be a placement meet, to see where the team stands.

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The main goal for the Seawolves is to compete hard at the meet and come away from it improving their form, technique and strategies. After this meet against UAF, UAA will have over a month-long break to work on the things they have problems with at this first meet.

It is not the point of their season that they need to be at their best. That time will come in March. But the team will give it their all, even in December, according to Flagstad.