Seawolf Pack: Sophie Leshan

Meet Sophie Leshan, the commencement speaker for UAA’s fall 2016 graduation ceremony. After transplanting here from Michigan before starting at UAA, she attributes the campus’s strong sense of community as the backbone of her successful college career. Graduating with a degree in early childhood education, she hopes to teach here in the state of Alaska. I had a chance to meet with her, and this is what we found in her bag:

Kavu Bag — versatile single sling bag that can be used for student life, teacher life and hiking life.

iPhone — perfect for snapping in-the-moment photos.

Macbook — always being used for writing and laying out lesson plans. Stickered with art from Octopus Ink.

Binder — used to organize different aspects of her everyday life as well as her teaching life.

Journal — for thoughts and doodles.

“The Nature of Alaska” book — having worked as a nature outdoor living skills specialist during a summer camp, this book is handy for identifying different aspects of outdoor Alaskan life.

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Pouch — filled with miscellaneous cables and chargers.

Pencil box — filled with markers for transition times with her elementary students.

Wallet — necessary daily carry.

Tea — especially important for this time of year.

Chapstick — mandatory for keeping lips ready to go.

Necklace and ninja star — little gifts her elementary students have gifted her.

Be sure to listen to her commencement speech during the graduation ceremony on Sunday, Dec. 18.

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Here are the contents of the bag belonging to Sophie Leshan, the UAA commencement speaker for Fall 2016. Photo credit: Young Kim