Seawolf Pack: Sam Erickson

Sam Erickson is a busy individual. From handling his responsibilities as USUAA Student Government President to planning for debate and balancing his student workload as a finance major, his schedule is jam-packed. But, he found the time to quickly go over the contents of his everyday bag. Here’s what we found:

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These are the contents of Sam Erickson, the current USUAA Student Government President. Photo credit: Young Kim

Chargers – phone and laptop chargers to power his everyday electronics needs

Dell laptop – for school, work, personal and everything in between

Cell phone – Samsung android device for communications

Earbuds – goes hand-in-hand with the cell phone

Calculator – a necessity for finance majors

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Watch – he prefers an analog timekeeper over a digital one

Wallet and keys – normal carries for every UAA student

School Portfolio – sections and papers for each of his classes

Debate Portfolio – entirely dedicated debate and the speeches he gives

Messenger bag – gifted to him by a friend, he likes the aesthetic

As busy as he is, carrying around just the essentials keeps Sam’s life neat and organized.

Check out Seawolf Pack next week for another bag breakdown.