‘Scrapped Princess’

As a baby, Pacifica was ordered to be put to death, despite being born a princess, for a prophecy foretold she would become the poison that would destroy the world on her 16th birthday. She survives the attempt and is taken in by the Cassul family. Now 15 years old, she is alive and on the run with her adoptive brother and sister, Shannon and Raquel, facing danger everywhere, as any who learn her identity – including family members – are obligated to kill her to save the world. As Pacifica approaches 16, those who believe the prophecy resort to ever-more-ruthless tactics to find and destroy her, no matter who gets in the way.

The series’ strength is the relationship between Pacifica and her protective siblings, whose love moves them to use all their skills to keep Pacifica safe, regardless of whether the prophecy is true or not. The prophecy also become a point of mystery, as this girl everyone wants to kills seems normal enough, but later developments begin to put doubts in Pacifica’s own mind. Halfway through the series, a major revelation changes everything about the show, although there are plenty of hints leading up to the reveal. Crisp, clean and smooth animation and character designs make the show a treat for the eyes, with a moving adventure story that has some good action and comedy points as well. There are some episodes that drag the pace a little, but the overall show is intriguing and engaging, and the episodes that end the series are immensely satisfying.

“Scrapped Princess” is a great series for casual or new anime watchers; it has nothing really extreme, objectionable or culturally confusing, while presenting a character-based fantasy adventure with both light-hearted and serious elements. Of course, what makes this a great show is that hardcore anime fans will enjoy it as well.