SAE brothers adds to the family

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's bid night took place on Sept. 28. Official invitations were extended to men asking them to join SAE.

On Sept. 25 SAE brothers dressed in shirts and ties met up in West Hall and headed out in two groups to personally hand out the bids. One group took care of the dorms while the other group went off campus. The bands of brothers knocked on the recruit's door and when he answered handed him the bid and informed him that he had been chosen by the brotherhood to become a member of SAE.

On Friday, 24 men arrived and accepted the bid to join SAE, while others said they wanted to join but could not attend the ceremony.

On Saturday, Sept. 29 the brothers celebrated Founders Day. Founders Day is the day where we honor the men who made the Alaska Alpha chapter of SAE. The brothers met together and played football, and fired up the grill and had hot dogs and hamburgers.

In attendance at the Founders Association was Robert J. DeMarco who is the assistant executive director for UAA's region. DeMarco came to Alaska to check up on the chapter and was presently surprised with what he saw.

“The Alaska Alpha chapter has a sense of brotherhood that should be emulated by all chapters,” said DeMarco. He also says that the chapter has excellent leadership and direction.

While DeMarco is in town he plans to meet with many of UAA's faculty and staff in order to open the lines of communication and to advocate for the brothers in purple and gold, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon.

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