Riff Raff hits Fiesta Room for mere 20 minutes

Last Friday Night, the Fiesta Room was filled with concertgoers excitedly awaiting the arrival of Riff Raff, also known as the Neon Icon or Jody HighRoller. Doors for the show were supposed to open at 8 p.m., but the crowd wasn’t allowed in until 8:45 p.m.

Omega and Baked Alaska opened for the Neon Icon. For Saturday’s 21+ show, Baked Alaska and Dumb Crow opened for Jody HighRoller. Baked Alaska, the definite highlight of the show, performed his popular YouTube hits “I Climb Mountains,” “Free Wi-Fi” and “Grizzly Bear Trappin’.” Even though the rapper’s name is unknown, Baked Alaska was raised in Anchorage and now resides in Los Angeles. His video for “Grizzly Bear Trappin’” features local scenes from Center Bowl on Minnesota Drive and the Wyland Whale Wall located in Anchorage’s town square. During his time on stage, Baked Alaska constantly thanked his fans, better known as the Baked Fam.

After the opening acts were over, fans were antsy to see Riff Raff. The crowd kept chanting his name to no avail. Did they lose Riff Raff? Had he even showed up yet?

A DJ tried to fill the air and keep the crowd going as some of the opening acts got on the stage again and tried to get people excited. Nearly 40 minutes later, Riff Raff still hadn’t arrived.

Suddenly, purple smoke clouded up the room and out walked Jody HighRoller. The crowd freaked, shaking the ground of the Fiesta Room, holding their phones out to snap pictures. Unfortunately, his stage presence didn’t last too long. He didn’t even show up until 11, three hours after the show was supposedly set to start. He saved the best songs (and the ones the crowd actually knew) for last — “Tip Toe Wing in my Jawwdinz” and “Dolce & Gabbana.”

Riff Raff’s 20-minute performance sure wasn’t worth the $38.75 fans paid to see him. As he left the stage, he said he would be coming out to greet fans. However, this promise seems to have been used only as a distraction to leave. The Neon Icon didn’t even give any shout-outs to fans. One would think the least he could do was say thanks to the fans who suffered through his lackluster performance, but even that seems to have been too much.