Read, recycle, Eco Chic it up

Eco Chic it up - Graphic by Nick Foote

In the midst of “continually depleting’” natural resources, and the recycling craze that is meant to help circumvent the “extinction” of nature’s wonders; it is only fitting for UAA to creatively get on board the band wagon of sustainability. Thus USUAA’s sustainability committee presents: Eco Chic.

“The clothing industry is really bad with the amount of water they use, and the pollutants they put into the air,” said Director of sustainability Paula Williams. “So if there is something that already exists, we should try to make use of it.”

The focus and goal of this recyclable fashion show is to encourage the general populace to think outside of the box with their clothing choices, visually, creatively and locationally; if thrift stores are your first stop and the mall is for filler items it will benefit the environment and your wallet.

“It’s sort of a fun thing to do and it illustrates to students, faculty and staff that you can get really great clothes without spending a huge amount of money,” said Williams. “It’s not just about creating something; it is more about combining existing materials.
The idea for Eco Chic came into being at the end of the fall semester this last year, it was an idea that Williams came up with in conjunction with USUAA’s sustainability committee; this show is the tangible culmination of that inspiration. After getting the UAA Bookstore on board, each individual category winner will receive $60.00 gift cards for such locations as the Bookstore and wolf bucks.
“Reuse it, rebuild it, redesign it, just flaunt it” are the words that bolster this occasion.

“The idea is to bring out peoples’ creative talents and showcase them,” said sustainability admin assistant Kent Spiers. “It is to highlight students’ creative sides here on campus and to promote sustainability; to show that it can be fun.”

There are four succinct categories in which clothing will be ranked: business, casual, creative and most sustainable.

“We anticipated that the creator would model their own work,” said Williams. “But students actually have others modeling their creations on the runway.”

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Complete with stage, runway and dj, Eco Chic will take place this afternoon from 12-2 p.m. in the North Student Union cafeteria area. Admission is free and the event will last roughly two hours. “Our goal is an annual event, we want people to see this smaller one this year,” said Speirs. “Get inspired and then submit their work next year when this will hopefully take place in the fall.” A truly creative student endeavor, Eco Chic, though in its foundling stage’s, may prove to be an annual fixture here at UAA after all.

“We definitely want to do it again next year, this is the proto-type; we’ll see how it goes,” said Spiers. “I think that the thing that we are really aiming for with this is to make it sustainable in the sense that we will do it this year, we’ll photograph it, talk it up, watch it build momentum and do it again next year.”