Ramsay Midwood — Shoot Out At The OK Chinese Restaurant

This is just a quick reminder to all white musicians: please refrain from singing any songs about “picking bales of cotton” in a faux-plantation recording style drawl, especially as the first track on your first major record. There are those who would find it… distasteful. And although you are no doubt “expressing the plight of your people through song,” I feel compelled to remind you that it is 2002, and that you are white.

Ramsay Midwood is by all accounts a great little singer/songwriter, and the band assembled for this record plays the finest country-blues-rock produced in a long, long time. So, despite the occasional forays into lyrical and dialectic awkwardness, Shoot Out is an enjoyable, laid back listening experience, recounting the glory days of country-blues without re-treading too much on old territory. The traditional lazy rhythm section is the backdrop for Hawks-esque guitar stabs and unconventional fiddle shredding, making the soundscape one that is at once familiar and brimming with life.�