Quiet spots to study around campus

UAA has lots of great places to study between classes. The Spine, Learning Resource Center and Consortium Library offer plenty of places to study alone or with a group. What if you wish to study in a little quieter environment than any of these? These photos offer a few suggestions where you can go.

Inside the library, if you go to the back corners, you can usually find open tables that are out of sight and earshot of everything else in the library. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
The entrance of the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building has a open study area. You might hear a little nice piano music to accompany your homework. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
The southwest and southeast corners of the Professional Studies Building both have little nooks where one can study with no interruption. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
The sounds of lap swimmers can create a nice white noise effect inside the Wells-Fargo Sports Complex. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
The Fine Arts Building has comfortable places to sit and some of the best views on campus to help you study in peace. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
The second floor of the Administration Building has light traffic, making it a great place to work in silence. Photo credit: Casey Peterson
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The second floor of the Beatrice McDonald Hall has some aesthetically pleasing places to study and enjoy. Photo credit: Casey Peterson