Q&A with TJ Miller

The star from HBO’s series Silicon Valley is TJ Miller, this year’s Campus Kickoff Comedian. TNL interviewed Miller about his past visits to Alaska and how much effort it really takes to be a stand-up comedian.

What was your first joke that you actually got laughs from in an audience?

It was something stupid that I’m a bit embarrassed about. “I got called a ‘gay wad’– I mean that’s how feminine I am. One gay isn’t enough, I’m a wet clump of homosexuality.

As a stand-up comic, you have good shows and bad shows. When you recollect bad performances, does one in particular come to mind?

I often tell a story about a man in Atlanta, Georgia who rushed the stage to fight me. It’s a pretty good story. My most recent terrible show was at a casino in Detroit, Michigan. I bombed so hard that I locked myself in my hotel room after and talked to my wife Kate for five hours about quitting stand up. That’s how bad the show was. I actually considered quitting standup comedy. Legitimately. I was like, “Well this is why comics who do TV and film quit standup comedy. Because of this feeling.

What was it like to have your character die in Transformers? (This question is from our Editor who was distraught when Lucas Flannery died.)

On movies like that you never get to read the script until you’re signed on. When I found out Lucas died I was bummed but ultimately it meant less work for me. So, I was in favor of that on an action robot movie.

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Have you ever been to Alaska? If not, what’re you hoping to see?

I have! I went on a first date to Anchorage for 24 hours where she and I were high the whole time. Baked Alaska. It’s was pretty epic. The salmon at the ol’ Captain Cook Hotel was the best I’ve ever had.

Do you have an idol that you wish you could work with? If so, what would your dream television show/movie be? (Unless you have worked with them already, then who was it?)

Most assuredly it would be Steve Martin. Although, they say you should never meet your heroes. So, maybe I would work with him I just wouldn’t introduce myself.

Miller will be performing at 7:30 in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. To get in, a valid UAA ID must be present.