Proposed bike plan needs our support

Both citizens and assembly members are pushing for a new bike plan to be instituted in Anchorage.

This new bike plan could potentially introduce numerous additional bike paths throughout the city and would aim to reduce both the number of cars on the roads as well as collisions between bicyclists and motor vehicles.

This is a great idea and it is fantastic that most people have been so supportive of it, regardless of whether they bike to work or not.
The only real concern is the price tag, but in the current economic time every dollar seems to be under scrutiny – so this concern is not a new one.

Obviously, things will not change overnight, or even over a summer, but this is a piece of legislation that everyone should push for. With gas prices so high, the city is seeing more and more people riding their bikes as a major means of transportation.

Regardless of where people stand on the issue, they should support, or continue to support, the plan.

Everything from liability to a person’s efficiency in getting around town could be affected by the new trails, paths and bike lanes that would be added by passing this measure.

For those who are against cycling as a primary means of transportation or are against bikes being allowed on the roadways with automobile traffic, support of the legislation should not even be a question.

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Building more bike lanes and bike paths around Anchorage would mean that there would be fewer bicyclists on the roads, therefore reducing the chances of vehicle against bicycle collisions and also reducing the time that those driving cars or trucks may lose if they get stuck behind one of those pesky cyclists.

If you are among those who do use a bike as a primary means of transportation, you probably do not need to be convinced that this is a good thing. Biking in Anchorage can be a dangerous endeavor. Drivers here are not typically very cyclist, or pedestrian, friendly. There are constantly cars stopped in the crosswalk at red lights while waiting for their chance to turn right, or maybe just for the light to turn green, which is hazardous for cyclists.

If this measure is passed, it will be a breath of relief for cyclists everywhere and would also be a good thing for drivers. But, the city of Anchorage needs to be vigilant as well, because new bike paths will not do any good if they are not cleared off in a timely manner during the winter.

Over the last few years, Anchorage has done a much better job of clearing sidewalks and bike paths, but there is still a lot of room for improvement, and improvement is imperative if this plan is going to work.

This plan is in the best interest of the community and needs all the support it can get