Program prioritization report submitted to provost

UAA’s 18-member Academic Task Force submitted its final report on program prioritization to Provost Elisha Baker on June 30. The report is the culmination of a massive review process begun in spring 2013 to place each of the over-300 programs at UAA into one of five categories ranging from “priority for higher investment” to “subject to further review, consider for reduction or phase out.”

The review had been characterized by rolling deadlines and faculty criticisms — among them, that prioritization wasn’t conducted in a transparent manner, that it was overly time-consuming for faculty with heavy workloads and that it was an attack on academic tenure.

In an email to faculty June 30, the task force acknowledged the challenges of prioritization.

“This process and its conclusions have been a source of consternation and concern, anxiety and angst. From the outset, some of our colleagues have spoken out against this process and its potential pitfalls. We are truly grateful to them as well,” the email reads.

UAA has said that the findings of program prioritization will be made public at some point.

Late last October, Provost Baker wrote in a draft of the post-prioritization process that the prospective release date for the chancellor’s final report is Jan. 30, 2015.


  1. Thankfully, this soon-to-be former Provost Baker will not be at UAA to see through the implementation of this disastrous prioritization policy. He has announced his “retirement”, but let’s be honest. This is not a voluntary “retirement”.

    He has abused his authority and strong-armed many deans and staff at UAA during this summer to resign in retaliation for disagreeing with his “policies”.

    I believe that the upper administration has asked for Provost Baker’s resignation, but instead he “pleaded down” to retire after this academic year – a courtesy he did not extend to many of his victims.

    I am glad the Provost has been stripped of his authority and is leaving UAA. Now we can hopefully begin the reconciliation and rebuilding process after he has completely razed the entire school to the ground.

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