Print Club members showcase the art of printmaking

The Hugh McPeck Gallery on the second floor of the Student Union opened its doors to “Print Club,” an exhibition showcasing the work of former and current UAA printmakers on May 29.

A collection of screen-printed tees designed by Levi Werner, Aileen Page and Bryce Fredrick for the “Print Club” exhibition. The exhibit features various methods of printmaking such as stencil, lithography and relief. Photo credit: Jay Guzman

The exhibition, which will be on display until June 13, explores the many forms and applications of printmaking such as screen printing, intaglio, relief, letterpress, stencil and lithography.

Additionally, the exhibition features printed T-shirts designed by UAA students that are available for purchase.

Artist Bryce Fredrick, who recently graduated with a BFA, showcased her lithography work in the exhibition.

“Stone lithography is crazy difficult to do,” Fredrick said. “You use giant limestones that have to be grained down to a nice, smooth and porous surface, and then you use grease pencil to draw on it.”

Fredrick, while enjoying the final result, found the lithography process to be very labor intensive.

“I printed them off the same stone, and so I had to print one then grind it down smooth again before I did the other one… All together, the two prints took about four full days,” Fredrick said.

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During her time at UAA, Fredrick took classes such as Advanced and Intermediate Printmaking with Mariano Gonzales. Fredrick plans to spend her summer helping the printmaking collective, Tent City, relocate to a new space.

“I’m pretty excited about what comes after… helping [Tent City] relocate their studio downtown from Studio Works up to Sunshine Plaza on 4th avenue,” Fredrick said.

Areana Cuddy, senior BFA student, has work on display that combines different techniques she learned from metalsmithing and printmaking classes.

Most recently, Cuddy, who is majoring in painting with a focus in printmaking, has been focusing on techniques with aluminum prints.

“Printmaking with [Michael Conti] which was a great foundation. I had taken metalsmithing before and knew I really liked working with metals,” Cuddy said. “When I did an independent study with [Mariano Gonzalez]… He really let me have the freedom to mix metalsmithing with printmaking… and I really enjoyed taking it further.”

Cuddy is a vocal proponent for the continuation of the printmaking program at UAA.

“Printmaking is really versatile. It’s a great medium and I’m really glad UAA has decided to continue the program… Incorporating printmaking with other mediums is a good way get the word out there because a lot of people just don’t know about printmaking,” Cuddy said.

Aileen Page, a junior who will soon be applying to the BFA program, used her pieces in the exhibition to shine light on Raynaud’s Syndrome, an autoimmune disease she has that cause areas of a person’s body to feel cold or go numb in response to stress and fast temperature changes.

In her artist’s statement, she wrote, “I began creating art about Raynaud’s in an attempt to come to terms with having this syndrome myself.”

One of Page’s pieces is the exhibition features a basket of small hand warmers with printed designs.

“My mom made me hand warmers for a Christmas present one time… I decided I wanted to make my own with words people have said to me and little sayings about what it’s like to live with Raynaud’s, because it’s pretty frustrating,” Page said.

“One thing I’ve learned from having this syndrome [is] that a bunch of other people have it as well, and also a lot of people just have cold hands, so that motivated me to make ones for people to take,” Page added.

The Hugh McPeck Gallery is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday, and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Fridays until June 13.