Presidential debates worthless without background information

There are only 20 days left before the presidential election and only two presidential debates left — meaning voters have few remaining opportunities to see how each candidate plans to run this country.

But to get the most from each debate, it’s essential that those watching have some background information about what to expect from each candidate.

Otherwise, the viewer is left wondering, “What the hell are those guys talking about?”

The solution to this is quite simple.

To prep for the remaining debates, check out what news stations are suggesting could be discussed by the candidates. And no, that doesn’t mean tuning into Fox News or MSNBC to get all your information — it means going to a variety of credible news sources to prep for the volume of information covered at each debate.

It also means stepping outside of individual comfort zones.

Like it or not, no matter if one is a Republican, Democrat, Independent or other third-party supporter, it’s hard to shake the preconception of what he or she thinks the opposing candidate will say.

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Rather than simply discounting one candidate and deciding they’re inept, actually take the time to see where they stand on major issues.

News outlets on both sides of the political spectrum are reporting that this is the most important election ever, so instead of watching the debates without any inkling about what’s going on, make your time count.

And after the debate, be sure to shut off the popular commentary about each person’s performance and check the debate facts through a nonpartisan website, such as or