Present goals, future aspirations of past MVPs

Taylor Rohde

Basketball season is in full swing at UAA as old players continue the game, and new players take the court by storm. Each member of every team will be working hard, eyeing the prestigious title of ‘Most Valuable Player.’ But what about those players that have already accomplished the feat of MVP? The MVPs for the 2010-11 season were Kaitlin McBride for the women’s team and Taylor Rohde for the men’s.
McBride is currently finishing up her college career, attaining a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology.  She will not play on for the 2011-12 season, though she says she will miss is a lot.

“I was fortunate enough to play for great coaches that made my two years at UAA an amazing experience,” said McBride. “Being part of a team and getting to know such a diverse group of girls is a rare opportunity that I felt very lucky to have had. I loved the competition and being part of something bigger than myself.”

Although she won’t be continuing to play for the team, she will still show her support, even after she graduates.

“I hope to go play overseas somewhere or start coaching after I complete my degree. And yes I am still all about basketball and plan to stay that way. I’m playing pickup ball whenever I can and I am playing for a city league team,” said McBride.
“I will be attending every home game, cheering on the Seawolves. They have a very talented group and I am excited to see my former teammates and the newbies have a great season!”

Taylor Rohde has more time left in college, though Rohde will continue to play for the Seawolves. He decided to stay not only for the love of the game, but also for the people on the team.

Kaitlin McBride

“Among [my] most memorable moments is just the time I spend with my teammates, my experience wouldn’t have been the same without them,” said Rohde.

He hopes to maintain a presence on the team until he receives his Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences, but he won’t let his love of the game stop after graduation.

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“After college I would like to further my basketball career and go play professionally somewhere if I get the opportunity,” said Rohde

Even after McBride and Rohde leave to continue their careers wherever they will take them, they have made their mark here at UAA. Their names will forever be remembered in UAA history for the outstanding effort they put into giving the men’s and women’s basketball teams fighting chances at glory.