Portraits at the house, now until Friday, Nov 5th

One of the portraits created by Anda Saylor during her week within the HOUSE

The Alaska Pacific University is hosting a month long event called HOUSE at the Carr Gottstein Gallery to celebrate the works of various artists and will host a new artist each week. These preselected artists will be provided a space to live and work so that they may apply singular focus to their art practice. This program offers conditions that are conducive to creativity, with work facilities, gallery space and the opportunity to host workshops and lectures.
These artists will be viewable by anyone who wants to watch them create various works of art right before your eyes.

This week’s artist is Anda Saylor who will draw your portrait in 10-15 minutes. Her goal is to have over 50 portraits by the end of the week. If anyone would like a chance to have their portrait drawn, just visit the gallery. Suggested donations are $10. All portraits will be viewable on Friday November 5th

For more information visit their website http://houseatapu.wordpress.com/

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