Pop into the Recital Hall for a concert of covers

Vocalists will gather in the Recital Hall of the Fine Arts Building, April 13 at 7:30 p.m. to belt out covers of some of the most popular songs on the charts.

Mari Hahn, professor of voice, and her MUS A152 class will perform a concert of all contemporary music from country, alternative and hip-hop. Her class is filled with many students outside of the music major and few within.

“At the beginning of the semester, I asked them all, ‘Why are you taking this class?’ And most of them said, ‘Just to gain confidence,’ and, ‘To be able to have a little bit of feedback,’ so you know, just looking for an outlet,” Hahn said.

The UAA students have been rehearsing for the entire semester and get to show off their hard work and talent in this lighthearted and fun concert.

Francesca Erni, Anchorage resident and former music major, likes seeing musical talent in person.

“I love live performances. You can’t get that unique energy of a room full of musicians from a recording,” Erni said.

The class covered the basics of voice and the technical foundations in the first couple months of the semester and then moved on to rehearsing their songs. Hahn is impressed with how many great vocalists have stepped into the class.

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“These students are just amazing singers with so much power and talent ― it’s kind of like our own ‘American Idol,'” Hahn said.

The concert will be filled with songs heard on the radio and Billboard charts, such as songs from Adele, Beyonce and Sam Smith.

Hannah Soplanda, music major with a voice emphasis, will be attending to cheer on fellow music friends performing.

“Being in the music program, I’ve been to many concerts and it’s always evident that the people performing love what they do,” Soplanda said.

The Contemporary Pop Songs Concert is free and open to the public.