{Police Scanner)

Sunday, Aug. 6


GTA enrolls at UAA

12:19 a.m. – While conducting a check of the University Center, a UPD officer observed a suspicious-looking vehicle. The officer determined that the vehicle was stolen. APD was contacted, since they had received the original report, to recover the vehicle for the owner.

Driving in the dark

1:14 a.m. – While on patrol an officer observed a vehicle operating without headlights. The officer pulled over the vehicle and determined the driver was driving without a valid driver’s license. The vehicle was then parked and a transport was provided to the driver’s residence.

Prank-calling beavers

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11:28 a.m. – UPD received a call from the emergency phone near the housing area beaver pond. However, there was no one on the line. An officer responded to the call but didn’t find any unusual activity in the area.

Drinking and dog-walking

7:02 p.m. – A housing staff member called to report that there was a man walking his dogs in the area of Residence Drive and West Hall with an open container of alcohol. An officer responded but the subject and his dog were gone.

Vociferous volleyball players

11:07 p.m. – A housing resident called to report several subjects outside the MAC buildings being noisy and playing volleyball. The responding officer contacted the subjects and requested they put the game up for the night.


Monday, Aug. 7

Ramming speed

11:32 a.m. – A parking garage staff member called to report damages to an entry control arm. An officer responded and is investigating. Damages are estimated at $250.

Indecent research proposal

4:59 p.m. – A staff member called to report an individual viewing pornographic material on library computers. Two UPD officers responded, advised the subject of UAA’s computer-use policy and escorted the subject from campus.


Wednesday, Aug. 9

Bookstore bandit

3:19 p.m. – A UAA bookstore staff member called to report an individual who was attempting to sell stolen books at the store. An officer responded and is investigating the allegation.

Return of the bookstore bandit

5:19 p.m. – A UAA bookstore staff member called to report an individual who had previously sold stolen books at the bookstore and was attempting to sell them again. The responding officer confiscated the books. The investigation continues.

Elusive tree dwellers

9:36 p.m. – A student called to report several men climbing trees near the MAC buildings. An officer responded and searched the area but could not locate the subjects.


Thursday, Aug. 10

Who put that light pole there?

5:38 p.m. – A staff member called to report that a vehicle had backed up into a light pole on Sharon Gagnon Lane. An officer responded to investigate and determined neither the light pole nor the vehicle had any new damages.


Saturday, Aug. 12

Not hot enough for you?10:54 a.m. – A housing staff member called and requested that maintenance respond to East Hall because there was no domestic hot water. UAA maintenance was notified; they responded and found the hot water was, in fact, working properly.