Police Scanner

Sunday, June 15

Drunk students caught
3:51 a.m. — While on patrol in the housing area, an officer observed a vehicle that was broken down and in the middle of the lot near Commons and the Mac-6. Two of the passengers in the car were drinking alcohol, and were under 21. They were issued summons and released. The car was pushed into a parking space, and the driver was to retrieve it later.

Tuesday, June 17

Drunk driver can’t work headlights
1:59 a.m. — Patrolling on Elmore Road, an officer noticed a car operating only with its parking lights on. The driver was under the influence, and she was arrested and transported to UPD. After processing, she was then taken to the magistrate and then to Anchorage jail. The vehicle was secured and picked up later by a sober driver.

Friday, June 20

Under 21-year-old girls in males’ Mac apartment
While out on another call for a fire alarm in Mac 4, an officer observed a male that was giving assistance to another who apparently could not walk. It was determined that they were intoxicated, and heading for a Mac 6 apartment. Two females, not of legal drinking age, were found in the apartment also drinking alcohol. One of the females, and the two men were charged with MCA. The “very intoxicated male” was also issued a summons, as he furnished alcohol to the girls.

Thursday, June 26

Student’s wheels stolen
2:55 p.m. — A student reported that his bike was stolen from the bike rack near the Social Sciences Building. Estimated loss is $500.00; investigation is on-going.

Saturday, June 28

Car nearly hits cop
1:01 a.m. — While driving on Tudor Road, a UPD officer’s car was almost struck by another driver, who was cited for negligent driving.