Police Scanner

Monday, May 19

Dust cloud triggers alarm
1:06 p.m. – A smoke alarm activated at the Auto/Diesel Building. At the same time, a construction contractor called to say that the alarm was probably due to a large amount of dust they had created. The Anchorage Fire Department was notified, and the alarm was canceled.

Skateboarders overtake library
8:10 p.m. – An individual called APD to report that 20 people were skateboarding outside the library. An officer responded, and all of the subjects immediately left.

Tuesday, May 20

Naked woman reported
9:17 a.m. — A staff member called with a secondhand report that there was a woman naked and bathing in the second-floor women’s restroom of the Social Sciences Building. Officers responded, but the woman was no longer there.

Sneaky thief nabs computer
4:11 p.m. -?A bookstore staff member reported an individual who took a computer out of the building without paying. Four officers responded, but the subject was gone on arrival. Estimated loss is $999.

Wednesday, May 21

Sleepy biker takes trail nap
7:22 p.m. -?APD was notified of an individual down in the woods near the North Housing bike path. Officers responded and determined that everything was okay: The man was just taking a rest on his way home and had fallen asleep.

Thursday, May 22

Children terrorize moose

4:25 p.m. -?Two small boys were reported chasing a moose from the creek behind the Commons. The moose almost hit another student as it ran away. Officers responded, checked the area and determined that both the moose and children had left.

Screaming student hurt self

4:25 p.m. – A woman was heard screaming in the second floor of the Professional Studies Building. A staff member reported her, as they did not know what was wrong. Officers responded and found that the woman had chipped a tooth and was emotionally upset.