Police Scanner

Sunday, April 6

UPD orders snow removal
7:53 a.m. — UPD noticed that there was an accumulation of snow that needed to be removed for safety. The maintenance staff was contacted to conduct groundskeeping.

Car slides on icy roads
11:39 a.m. — A driver’s car slid off UAA Drive and hit a tree. There were no injuries, but a tow truck had to be called. The estimated damage is $4,500.

Monday, April 7

Drunk student found in medical center
3:35 a.m. — Alaska Native Medical Center security called UPD to report an underage UAA resident in their facility. An officer responded, and the subject was transported to Community Service Patrol for a sleep-off.

Driver hits car, fails to report
1:04 p.m. — A student reported that they had witnessed a vehicle hit another while it was parking in the east campus central lot. The driver was seen departing on foot without leaving appropriate contact information with the car they struck. Officers determined there was no damage to either vehicle.

Tuesday, April 8

Laundry detergent suspected to be alcohol
6:12 p.m. — A housing staff member called to report a female who was carrying what appeared to be a container of alcohol into the MAC laundry room. An officer responded, and no violation had occurred as the container was filled with laundry detergent.

Thursday, April 10

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Moose consort in parking lot
6:59 a.m. —- UPD was notified by a staff member that there were two moose in the west campus central lot that were on the move to Rasmuson Hall. An officer responded and monitored the moose until they wandered off to a safe location.

Vandals hit in Engineering Building
7:57 a.m. — A Seawolf Safety Patrol member reported damage to the wall in the third floor hall of the Engineering Building. Maintenance determined that the damage was vandalism, and an investigation is ongoing.

Prank callers abuse parking lot garage phones

10:54 p.m. —- UPD received simultaneous calls from the first- and third-floor emergency phones in the parking garage. The garage was searched, but the callers were gone on arrival.