Podcast review: Lizard People

Created by Whatsacreative Podcast Network, and produced by company founder Ryan Middledorf. This podcast is sure to tickle your funny bone while expanding your mind. Just kidding, it’s mostly about comedians arguing over different conspiracy theories they believe in or not. Mostly, they don’t believe in them at all. If you like conspiracy theories, comedy or weird humor in general, this is the show you should plug your headphones in to.

Trying not to give to much away, stand-up comedian Katelyn Hempstead hosts the show every week, while a new guest comes on and argues for a certain conspiracy theory. The guests range from other stand-ups to some of Hempstead’s friends and/or work associates. Hempstead listens to their arguments, rebuts what they have to say with relevant evidence, and decides by the end of the show how much she believes in the given theory. Comedy almost invariably ensues as the guests fumble with their hastily made arguments and with the outrageous, sometimes hyperbolic, theories.

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The podcast has an almost at-home feel to it. It runs like Hempstead and her guest are having this humorously insane, rambling conversation at your dining room table. All the while, you are fortunate enough to be a fly on the wall and listen to their discussion.

Each episode is about an hour long and covers theories ranging from the Kennedy assassination being an inside job, to the moon landing being faked, to Katy Perry’s true identity, and all the way down to Bigfoot himself.. or herself. Now some of the arguments made could only be believed by a madman, but some of them are actually quite plausible.

One of my favorite episodes is when Hempstead and Joe Quint discuss Simulation Theory: the idea that everything you’ve ever known may be a simulation running in your head, Quint and Hempstead try to wrap their brains around this all while cracking jokes and blowing their listener’s minds.

Now, this podcast does have a few drawbacks. If you like debates, serious discussions and are extremely opinionated about conspiracy theories, this is probably not the podcast for you. This podcast is mostly comedic with the underlying goal of poking fun at and exposing most conspiracy theories to the public. The podcast will make you laugh out loud, it will make you think people are strange for believing in some strange conspiracy theories, and it might even convince you to believe in one or two yourself. In any case, it’s a great show with a relatively small following.

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I give this podcast a solid 8 out of 10 sheeple.