Please be mine: last minute Valentine plans

It happens every year on the same day, there are warning signs for weeks in advance and reminders in every shop window; but somehow it has caught you by surprise again!

Oh Valentines Day, full of cupid, romance and chocolate (if a woman had invented V-day for arguments sake it could be said that it was just an excuse to receive free chocolate) regardless, here it is again and here you are again: no plan, and no backup plan in case your plan fails (and she is expecting some sort of plan). Now don’t be mistaken, it doesn’t have to be hundreds of dollars to be awesome. It doesn’t have to be fireworks or the most well thought out classy venture known to mankind. If you’re with a great girl, chances are, it just needs to be with you, and something you don’t do every day. So for those of you who need a little last minute help; TNL has got you covered: three different evening date packages for three different levels of romance (and funding).

New interest/ First V-day/Don’t break the bank.
For a first-time Valentine we recommend this semi-casual date ensemble. This date should be sweet and fun.  Something you can dress up for, but not feel awkward.
Lunch: We recommend The Muse.
Price Range: $3.75-$15.75
Reservation: Highly recommended.
The Muse is a lovely restaurant located right inside the Anchorage Museum, providing an interesting and romantic atmosphere. They are featuring a special Valentines Day menu consisting of four delectable courses and will be open from 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
Stay there! The desserts are affordable and delicious!
Fini!: The forecast for V-day is a high of 32 degrees and a low of 23. Browse downtown’s art district with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and your sweetie’s hand in the other or take in a movie.


Cloud 9/Unique and exclusive.
Want to win brownie points? Bust out your inner Gordon Ramsey (only with less profanity). Unless you have a food snob on your hands, she’ll be really impressed that you even tried a home cooked meal. You want this to be memorable more than anything; if it turns out terrible, you’ll laugh about it and bond over take-out.
Dinner: If cooking terrifies you, go with something classic like steak and a salad, for intermediate (but impressive) fair, try something like Chicken Parmesan. And for the closet chef…do whatever it is you do best.
Desert: We recommend Modern Dwellers’ Chocolate Lounge. Don’t feel like going out? No problem, pick up one of their “Heart box” 8 truffle sets ahead of time.
Fini!: Take in romantic flick or head on up to Flattop to check out the stars; don’t forget a blanket, thermos of hot chocolate or a bottle of wine.

All out baby.
Well, obviously you want this to be the best V-day possible.
Dinner: We recommend Seven Glaciers.
Price Range: $31.00-50.00
Reservation: Required for complimentary tram ride.
Seven Glaciers is located within the Alyeska ski-resort and is reached by aerial tram. Surrounded by nature from every direction and providing tantalizing selections for the food enthusiast, this is a truly memorable experience.
Desert: Seven Glaciers offers a “Baked Alaska” that is to die for.
Fini!: The world is your oyster! Get creative; what is that thing that she has wanted to do for forever? Now is your chance, slick; make it happen.