Pinterest: A new social media site for the creative mind

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By Taylor Guillory, Contributor

During the days of Andy Griffith and Dick Van Dyke, women began to branch out from their homemaker status. While many faced office prejudices, they trudged onward to make way for later generations. Women quickly became more than the sum of their parts and the sum of handy tricks that home economics gave them.

But after decades of commercialized living, women are starting to take up old school practices in their free time. Times are tough, and homemade food and gifts are in.

Pinterest has quickly become the American woman’s wonderland. It is a website devoted to the idea of collecting things and sharing them with the rest of the Pinterest community.

Each registered member can like or “repin” (repost) images into their own categorized media collections called “pinboards.” There is no limit to how many boards a member can create, and secret boards have recently become all the rage.

According to Experian Hitwise, a marketing research agency, Pinterest is now the 3rd most popular social network site behind Facebook and Twitter. Even though the website was created in March 2010, it has managed to gain 25 million registered users as of 2012.

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Of these 25 million registered users, 97 percent of U.S. users are women. The majority of these women are said to be grouped in the 18 to 34 demographic.

When Huffington Post journalist, Sara Wilson asked about purposely pursuing female audiences, Ben Silbermann, co-founder and CEO, said, “We didn’t build (Pinterest) specifically with women in mind. I personally believe that finding other people in the world that appreciate your tastes and interests is not a gender-specific thing. I think that our goal is to build a service that everyone in the world can use.”

Wedding pinboards are one of the most popular on the website. Future brides and want-a-be-brides now have websites and pictures at hand for more in depth planning.

Ben Silberman in the Huffington Post interview said, “I use Pinterest for everything. Book collections, trips, hobbies. It’s all there. I planned my wedding on it.”

This Pinterest pinboard shows fun craft ideas.
This Pinterest pinboard shows fun craft ideas.

Here are the attention grabbing aspects of Pinterest:

1. It has a clean and modern layout.

The current layout of the website has been the same since 2010. The white and tan background with individual boxes for each pinned item is a simple and sleek twist on website design. This minimalist layout was meant to draw attention to the pin content.

The website does not have sidebar advertisements. The company respects that users want a purer view of their content. There is also limited space for descriptions of the items. Their idea of very little text makes it easier to find specific pins quickly.

2. It is quick.

Recipes, gift ideas and home DIY projects are all on the website and can be found in a matter of seconds. This is a main reason why it appeals to women so much.

Internet users now have a middleman for all the miscellaneous blogs, websites and ideas that would have otherwise been overlooked.

Pinterest iPhone3. It is convenient and relaxing.

By September 2011, the company came out with the iPhone app, and within a month produced an app for the iPad and Android devices. This allows for easier access around the clock, both at home and on the go.

While this is a social network, the founder’s idea to exclude an update system has been their best move yet. No drama, less clutter and more power to the user is the foundation of Pinterest. Hobbyists started this company, and the simple nature of the site has kept users coming back.

4. It is bringing women together.

Not only can users like, repin and follow other users’ ideas on their boards, but Pinterest has created new ways to find others with the same interests. It brings women together in a way that has never been done before.

BlogHer, a woman-centered news website, conducted a study about women actively using Pinterest, and revealed that 81 percent trust the website and blogs. In contrast, women said they trust Facebook 67 percent and Twitter 73 percent.

According to Ki Mae Heussner from Adweek, BlogHer’s CEO, Lisa Stone commented on their study saying, “There is no one a woman trusts more for advice, recommendations and guidance than another woman in her circle.”

Social networks will come and go, but Pinterest shows no sign of slowing down, or going away. There is no evidence about users leaving the website, such as users of Facebook and Twitter. This website of sewing tutorials, party ideas and fashion has stolen the hearts of women nationwide.

Time Magazine’s technology section, Time Tech, says that women are attracted to Pinterest’s plethora of photos exemplifying beautiful design and fashion, while men are attracted to the software of Google+.

Even though the male demographic of Pinterest is low, men still experience the effect of the site in their daily lives from the new style their girlfriend wears, the new recipe their wife makes or the gift their sister gives them.

Women may have a dominant presence over Pinterest in the US, but men in the UK use it more than women. Venture Beat writer Jennifer Van Grove says that these men are the professionally- motivated young men.

While women are making gifts for each other, men should take note that making a gift from here would no doubt impress your lady. Plus you could have a separate board for work, so score and score.

It is statistically shown that Pinterest is the newest feel-good website of the 2010s.