Pi are not round; math help sites

Whether you are a math geek, want to be one or just want to survive math requirements, this is one subject that gets tough early in the semester. Well, we have the Web sites to get you out of the bind. Whether your nightmare is Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, Discrete Math, Linear Algebra, Differential Equations or Modern Algebra or you are an advanced math student, studying Discrete Math or Differential Equations, these sites can help!

1.   Math Forum: Math Resources by Subject. These collections represent only what we believe are the best Internet resources for each topic. For more exhaustive lists, or to conduct searches for materials that match your specific needs, try the Math Forum's Internet Mathematics, Library and its Math Topics page that is listed at http://forum.swarthmore.edu/math.topics.html.

2.   When we say Introductory or College Algebra, do you get the shivers? The Bittenger textbook used by UAA's Developmental Education Department has resources online. Bookmark this page and visit it regularly as your algebra resource center. Clicking on a chapter title in the Table of Contents takes you to that chapter's home page, where you will find chapter related links, chapter specific reviews, extra exercises, and tutorials. Chapter Reviews are also accessible through the Chapter Review button at the top of this page at http://www.Mathmax.com.

3.   Math lover? Visit Mathematical Fiction: a list compiled by Alex Kasman, of the Department of Mathematics College of Charleston. At the site, he lists fiction and mathematics combos. Are you looking for a book or story that might be useful for the students in your math class? Are you interested in what our society thinks about mathematicians? Then you've come to the right place…http://math.cofc.edu/faculty/kasman/MATHFICT/

4.   Florida State University's mathematics Web site has a flurry of info in help-related math resources. Visit the site at http://euclid.math.fsu.edu/Science/General.htm.

5.   The University of Alaska Anchorage's Web site provides an application for tuition waiver, a Math 107 assessment home page, more info on Applied Statistics, Computer Science and tutoring. It's at http://www.math.uaa.alaska.edu/mathsci/home.html