Photography best left to the professionals?

Nowadays, with sites like Instagram on the rise, just about everyone has dubbed his- or herself a “photographer.” Yet there are still individuals making careers out of photography. What qualifies someone as a photographer? And if one is not a photographer, when should he or she hire someone else to take photos?

There are many different types of photography, but types that are most frequently used today include portraits (which would also include the enormously popular selfies), landscape, macro, fashion and wildlife photography.

So what distinguishes a professional photographer from the average Joe with a cell phone camera in their hand? Matthew Viens, a local photographer said “What sets a professional photographer a part from a random person with a camera would be equipment and knowledge of how to use the equipment for the appropriate situation.”

So what distinguishes a professional photographer from an amateur one? Is it simply equipment and knowledge of how to use it? If a professional photographer is based off of equipment and how to use it how does one determine when to hire a professional photographer rather than just take a few shots on his or her own?

Kayla McGraw photographer at LRK Studios Photography said, “Just follow what you feel. If you’re in the moment and want to remember it, then of course take a photo. But if you’re looking for something that needs to be on a larger scale, like a poster or billboard, it’s better to go with a professional”.