Parking at UAA remains an ongoing issue

The campus is quieter in the summer and parking is not stressful like in the fall and spring. Parking has been a problem for years at the University of Alaska Anchorage with students driving in circles trying to find a spot and get to class on time. The dilemma of too many cars and too little spaces should be resolved by the end of the year.

Construction of a parking garage and pedestrian walkway is currently underway at the College of Arts and Science Building. The contracting plan is going as expected and the completion date on Jan. 7, 2002 remains firm.

“We hope people are patient, probably get to campus early in the fall because parking will be tight,” Stephen Rollins, the Dean of the Consortium Library said.

Neeser Construction Inc. agreed to contract the parking garage and pedestrian walkway in Nov. 2000 and the site was turned over to them in May 2001. Neeser is currently clearing out various layers of dirt, soil and peat in order to lay a firm foundation. The excess peat must be removed so that the ground can be leveled for the parking garage. Underneath the peat is native clay soil that is used as filler for the leveling. Construction workers will begin pouring concrete on the site as early as next week. Landscaping should start in the fall and could take until July of 2002 to be finished.

“We are trying to get everything done by the end of the year,” Sam Adams, Superintendent of Neeser Construction, said.

Over Memorial Day weekend a prearranged power outage was necessary to install the primary power lines and finish the major underground utilities running from the CAS to the Science Building. The outage included the Engineering Building and Campus Center. Power was restored across campus on Sunday.

“Turned out real close to what we anticipated, we were supposed to have the power back by Sunday and we had it back within an hour of the expected time,” Stan Vanover, Project Manager said.

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Vanover said that another short power outage is planned in the next 10 days to finish the rest of the remaining utilities, however he said that the exact date and time could not be released as it is subject to change. Signs and public service announcements will be posted indicating future outages.

“We want to be as sensitive to students and faculty as we can,” Vanover said.

The pedestrian walkway will be a spine extension connecting the parking garage to the Science Building. On the other end of the parking garage there will be a terminus with elevator access to enter the CAS. The terminus is the extent of the current contracting being done by Neeser. An unfinished opening will be left between the terminus and the CAS for a short period. One of the major objectives entering phase two of the schematics is to enclose the opening sometime next year.