Pared down, focused budget approved for FY11 by BOR

After final deliberations by the Board of Regents, the Regents upheld their decision to leave a plea for state funding for a new sports complex at UAA out of the capital budget request for FY11.

At the BOR meetings, held at UAA on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in the UAA Gorsuch Commons, the public testimony period was fairly lively with people testifying on behalf of requesting funding for the sports complex, and although the Regents did not request any additional funding, they are still working to move the project forward, according to UA Director of Public Affairs, Kate Ripley.

Regents have numerous questions about the site proposed for the arena, the building design, traffic impacts, number of seats, etc.,” Ripley said. “Instead of just letting the project stall, however, they want to keep it moving forward by addressing some of their concerns in a constructive manner.”

The Regents did, however, approve a more focused budget for FY11, after being granted only $3.2 million in state funds of a requested $541 million in FY10 – which is the current fiscal year.

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“The board wanted to try a different strategy this year and put forward a pared down capital request rather than a very large list with many projects,” Ripley said.

The main focus of this year’s minimized budget is a proposed Life Sciences building on the UAF campus.

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