Pacific Northwest rapper Grieves to perform in Anchorage

This coming Saturday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m., Williwaw will be hosting a show by hip-hop rhyme-sayer Grieves. Grieves is an international solo artist who is currently based out of Seattle. He has multiple albums out, but his latest is titled “Winter & the Wolves,” which came out in 2014.

This show will be Grieves’ first time in Alaska, and he plans to be sure to get out of Anchorage to experience the state.

Grieves Photo credit: David French

“I’ll be in Alaska for three of four days. We want to do some really cool stuff while were up there, get outside of the city a little bit. I’m taking any suggestions that come my way,” Grieves said.

Grieves has toured all over the country, and coming to Alaska will make for a very unique experience. When asked about what made him want to come up here, Grieves talked about his fans reaching out to him.

“The original thought that put Alaska in my head was when someone commented on an Instagram picture I had posted. They didn’t just say ‘Come to Alaska!’ It was a more effective comment that allowed me to get in contact with the people I needed to. Next thing I knew, we had a show booked up there.”

Grieves is being brought to Alaska by an independent concert showcase called Showdown Productions. They recently have been the people behind major concerts in Anchorage such as Diplo, K. Flay and Waka Flocka Flame. Mac Holton is one of the agents at Showdown and helped in the process of bringing Grieves to Anchorage.

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“K. Flay, who we had here in March, spoke very highly of Grieves as a person and as an artist when I asked for her two cents,” Holton said. “Plus, given Alaska’s love for rhyme-sayers, he was a no-brainer for us to book.”

It can be difficult to reach artists from so far away, and any performance that happens takes months of booking, advertising and announcing to make a successful show. Showdown, Williwaw and Greives’ team have put in lots of work to bring him to Anchorage, and the show will be one that no one will want to miss out on.

Grieves has been touring this album for a while, and Anchorage will be his last stop on tour for this record before beginning the process of promoting his newest music. He has just finished recording his newest album, which he will start promoting and finishing recording after his show in Anchorage.

“I didn’t want to be a touring artist at first. I just wanted to put out music,” Grieves said when asked about touring his music. “Until I played my first show, I didn’t think I wanted to be that kind of artist. But once I did, I realized the unique experience that comes from each show. People knowing the lyrics to songs, and relating that back to their own personal lives is the coolest thing to be a part of. That’s my favorite part about playing live. This album will be different than anything I’ve ever put out before. I let down a lot of barriers, and explored other sounds with this album.”

Grieves hopes that his new album will be different than what he has previously done, exploring new sounds and letting down barriers. As for what’s next, Grieves said, “I’m gonna go dark for a little while. I’m heading out to New York to finish up recording, and then begins the process of promoting the new stuff.”

While this is Grieves’ first show in Anchorage, hopefully, it will not be his last. Make sure to come listen to his performance of songs off his other albums and support local businesses like Showdown Productions and Williwaw.