Overtones of others in ‘Great Escape Artist’

“Jane’s Addiction” has a new album called “The Great Escape Artist.” It’s a great little record that sounds like “Cage the Elephant,” “Bjork,” and a good helping of “Minus The Bear,” but played harder. Is that a bad thing? Not at all, but it does end up sounding somewhat like a road trip album.

The opener, “Underground,” has a good, hard, rhythmic feel to it, and it just fits in a way to start off a record. While listening to it, one can’t help but picture it being the opening song to a movie about a boy that goes from a little x to a larger y, with a lot of character development.

“I’ll Hit You Back,” is probably the more interestingly titled song, and has a varying arrangement. The song goes to orchestral, to hard punk, to sounding a bit like a “Bjork” song, with hip-hop beats masked with a guitar.

The song “Ultimate Reason,” shows shades of a western finger picking guitar, and seems to sing on all cylinders with it’s rhythmic chanting of “I got a reason…”

Listening to the album is like listening watching a movie where the characters walk into a bar and BA song is playing in the back, and it would be one of the songs on this album. That is to say that album sounds epic and sweeping. It just seems that there isn’t much depth as there should be in all of the songs.

It seems that this album went for a bit of a layered approach with both sound and scope. This is not a bad thing, but it makes the album sound a bit like everything else, and does it well, and that’s not what the band was going for. Still, fans of the band will enjoy it, and if you are reading this review, despite the low score, you should still pick it up.


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