Overtime: A look into the fanatic world of Fantasy Football

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, get comfy in your couch cushions, plug your lap tops in, grab a remote, and keep a close eye on the TV screen and ESPN.

It is fantasy football season!

It’s more than just football for its participants. It’s bets between buddies and co-workers, bonding between families, creative team names and the hobby that becomes obsession for some over until that sad day in February when it all ends.

You can win respect from your friends, maybe a hundred bucks, and my personal favorite, the bragging rights.

A fantasy football league is the only place you will ever have a chance (as unlikely as it is) to find Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the same team. A dream combination for a football fan on any level.

Of course one of the biggest joys comes when someone drafts a sleeper and that very same player goes off for a huge day and lands the owner big points and makes him look like the smartest guy in the league.

It’s not juts Fantasy football that has America hooked. Fantasy baseball, basketball, hockey and college football leagues are becoming more popular as well and continue to grow

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There are so many approaches to how people go about their fantasy experience.

Some people choose to have one team and will let their chosen few go for the season and hope for the best.

Others will check hourly updates to keep multiple teams going strong and pay attention to every last detail and injury report.

Of course there are those who take it even further. You know who you are out there. The person who can list off every stat on a player from average yards per game on a turf field or tackles made when the temperature is above 85 degrees.

In the future, I see ESPN having a program focusing strictly on fantasy leagues. Poker tournaments are broadcaster on ESPN, why not fantasy sports?

You get more exercise by running to the refrigerator during half time and digging through the couch cushions searching for the remote control in order to change channels to check on the scores of other games.

Much more of a workout than you get by sitting at a poker table.

Here’s just a few helpful hints for those of you out there looking to get into the action yourself.

If Kareem Moore of the Washington Redskins is on your roster, consider him benched for the upcoming weeks due to a Knee injury. He has had limited practice time because of his injury and is questionable for when he will return.

Cary Harris and Paul Posluszney, of the Buffalo Bills, will be out due to injury as well. Harris is currently recovering from a hamstring injury and Poluszney is recovering from a knee injury. Neither player has been practicing the past weeks.

The Cowboys defense will have some much needed help this week with the return of linemen Marc Colombo and Kyle Kosier to protect star quarterback Tony Romo.

Currently Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning, is ranked at number one, after passing 433 yards in his game against the Houston Texans.

That should get you going for a while. You’re now on your own.