Our Mistake

The following corrections are for the April 1 issue:

The graphic accompanying the article “Geeks take technology to developing nations” should have been credited to Teresa Combs.

The box in the second column, fourth row of “Learn where your candidates stand” should have had the name Marcus Welker.

The two bottom-right photos in the photo spread, “Spring warms up the city with cleaning, carwashes, clothes,” should have been credited to Gretchen Weiss.

In the article “Second annual Bike Club Auction means entertainment,” Dane Ketner’s last name was incorrectly spelled.

The article “Pebble Mine debate continues” should have consistently said that the proposed Pebble Mine site is in southwest Alaska. Also in this article, the first paragraph on page 02 should have been removed.

In the article “Two deans say goodbye to UAA,” Jan Gehler’s last name was incorrectly spelled. This article also should have said that Gehler began working for UAA in 1989; she was a faculty member in 1996 and did not directly contribute to the founding of the Community and Technical College. She will be working for a college in the Maricopa County Community College District; it also should have stated that, according to the Maricopa Community Colleges Web site, over 250,000 students attend the district’s colleges.

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For the March 25 issue:

The first name of the writer of the opinion column “Music, the market and the government” should have been spelled Stephen.

The graphic accompanying the Over the Wire article, “Sea lions at Oregon Dam sentenced to death,” should have been credited to Teresa Combs.

We regret these errors and apologize for the oversights.