“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough”

Chris Harper-Mercer walked into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon with six guns. Upon entering the classroom, he shot the professor point blank. He fired several shots at the class. Mercer demanded students that were Christian to stand up. He pointed his weapon at them and told them it was good that they were Christian, because they were about to see God. He killed them.

Lucero Alcaraz.
Quinn Glen Cooper.
Kim Saltmarsh Dietz.
Lucas Eibel.
Jason Dale Johnson.
Lawrence Levine.
Sarena Dawn Moore.
Treven Taylor Anspach.
Rebecka Ann Carnes.

These are the names of the nine people that were killed by Mercer. Seven others were injured. During his presidency, Barack Obama has had to address the nation 15 different times pertaining to gun massacres.

People who were simply going to a movie, getting their hair done, running a marathon, pursuing their education or attending church are now dead. America is not willing to address the disgusting problem we have.
America has become numb to this violence. There is a systematic chain of events for emotional destruction such as this. News reports will break out about another mass shooting. The number of deaths will slowly rise. Families will come forward with broken hearts and pictures of their loved ones, their brothers, their children. Politicians will debate about gun violence and the ties to mental health. The president will speak out for the sixteenth, seventeenth, or eighteenth time in his terms about how this is not normal.

President Barack Obama came out for his routine speech on Thursday. “I hope and pray that I don’t have to come out again during my tenure as president, to offer my condolences to families in these circumstances, but based on my experience as president, I can’t guarantee that. And that’s terrible to say. It can change.”
What is wrong with America? What is the sickness that has swept over this nation?


The United States is roughly 5% of the world’s population. America also holds 42% of the world’s private firearms.

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Do you see the connection?

Unfortunately, America has become normalized to this grotesque violence. We don’t have to take all of the guns away, but we can definitely make some changes.

“It’s my right to own a gun. It says so in the Constitution.”

The second amendment was created hundreds of years ago. Back in the day, America was a new country. There was a fear that the United States would be invaded, like Britain was. Of course it would make sense that everyone was entitled to own a gun.

Our founding fathers would have no idea what guns would turn into. If you’ve ever gotten hold of a flintlock pistol, it’s obvious that they aren’t as advanced as an AR-15. The pistol takes about 20+ seconds to load and shoot, if you’ve practiced. When gunpowder gets wet, it’s effectively useless.

An AR-15 can fire 700-900 rounds a minute (fully automatic version). Compare that to the 1776 muskets and flintlocks that could fire three rounds a minute if used by a regular shooter.

According to Rolling Stone, the Oregon shooting is the 264th mass shooting of the year. (A mass shooting is described as having a minimum of four gunshot victims, excluding the shooter.)

Numbers and statistics speak for themselves.

That’s the problem, and Barack is right.

It can change.

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