Online registration problems must be addressed

The Student Union is open later and most people are focusing on finals – or should be at least. But, there are a few who are still a little more than upset with the way that registration went a few weeks ago.

Once a semester, the ritual of logging onto UAOnline on Sunday night at around 11:30 p.m., thinking that you might be among the lucky few who get to register for classes after the theoretical registration time after midnight.

Unfortunately, even if you are one of those who logs on early, you may very well still be trying to register at 1:00, 2:00 or even 3:00 a.m. This has been the case for what seems like forever, or since online registration has come about.

This problem is unacceptable and is something that should have been fully addressed years ago.

With everyone attempting to register for classes at the same time, it overloads the servers so badly that they all but shut down, and even crashes in some circumstances.

UAA registration needs to go the way of, what seems like, most other colleges – especially those who have upwards of 20,000 students.

At the very least, it would be in everyone’s best interest if there were staggered registration times. On the first day of registration, only seniors should be allowed to register and have first pick at the classes, since they typically only have a few classes that they absolutely need in order to graduate.

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The next day, juniors should be allowed to begin registering.

On day three, sophomores should be able to start registering.

Finally, on the fourth day, freshmen could begin their registration.

A system like this, one based off of seniority, would make the most sense. Since freshmen need a much wider range of classes to graduate, they should not be registering at the same time as seniors, who only have those three or four classes that they must take before graduating. Getting into those classes should only be a competition between seniors, not between all students.

Also, a system such as this would lighten the load on the servers considerably, so we don’t have any more incidents like the one in Fall ’09 where the servers crashed for about a week, though there were more factors involved in that crash besides an overload.

This problem has done nothing but add tension to the already stressful environment of college. As we were beginning to transfer our focus from the run-of-the-mill semester to the final push to get final papers and projects done as well as really actually begin studying for tests we have another wrench thrown into the mix – registration.

A new system using seniority as a way to determine who can register when may be inconvenient for some – like freshmen, it is better than being inconvenient and unworkable for everyone.

It would probably also put an end to the Facebook status barrage of, “I hate UAOnline.”