One shot printing gives art high appeal

Monotype printing can be one of
the more diffi cult art styles to create
something from, or it can be one of the
more random. It just depends on what the
artist is going for.
It is also one of the most varied printing
styles in how it can be accomplished,
and what better way to celebrate variety
than with an international art show? The
Student Union Gallery will be letting the
UAA Print Club host the “It’s a Small
World After All” print show from Feb. 5
to Feb. 19. The show is an international
collaboration, and will be featuring works
from universities in China, Canada, and
the lower 48.
“[The show] brings awareness of
printmaking as an art form and its impact
in the world,” Print Club secretary
Rhonda Horton said.
The show is designed to be an
international exchange, meaning the
participants in the show will be trading
prints with one another. It is supposed to
enforce the concept of printmaking being
an exchange of ideas from one person to
Gary Kaulitz said in an e-mail that
the Print Club has sponsored about six
regional exhibitions and 10 exhibitions
for club members.
Kaulitz helped start the club back
in 1993 when he became the head of
printmaking at UAA.
UAA’s Print club has been working
from the start to build up a strong
foundation for artists to have access to
proper print equipment. Now UAA has
one of the strongest printmaking studios
for a university of its size.
“I suggested that the students start a
club as a way to raise funds for getting
the printmaking supplies we did not have
in our budget at that time and provide
a vehicle to offer some summer studio
hours for print club members as well as some
specifi c times for members not enrolled in a
class to use the equipment during the school
year,” Kaulitz said.
Ever since the beginning of the club they
have been working to raise funds to solidify
the department. “It’s a Small World After
All” is a product of that fund raising.
The show is a creative outlet for many
students in and out of Alaska. The show
submissions are required to be only six
square inches in size, on 11 by 11 inch paper.
All entries have to be in monotype printing
Monotype printing (or monoprint) is
a printing style that involves a print being
made that cannot quite be printed the same
way twice or involves only one layer of
ink instead of several for one print. This is
unusual for a printing style, because it is
notorious for being able to create copies of
most selections and for incorporating many
different colors.
“I love the challenge of working with a
small monoprint,” Horton said. “I love the
challenge the show gives me.”
Because “It’s a Small World After All” is
restricted to the monotype style, the show
promises to be a truly unique experience for
all that attend it. With art coming in from
all around the world, it is one of the Student
Union Gallery’s more varied venues when it
comes to art.