One of Anchorage’s hottest vinyl stores, Obsession Records, is expanding

With the recent comeback of record players, everyone seems to be dusting off their old turntable and playing their old favorite album, just as it was before music streaming services like iTunes and Spotify were at our disposal. There is something about owning an album on vinyl that feels timeless, and people appear to be falling in love with the idea of it all over again. Musicians now sell nearly all their music on vinyl again, and with that comes the need for local record stores.

That would be where Obsession Records steps in, Anchorage’s current primary vinyl shop. Obsession Records opened in November of 2014, by Steve and Verna Haynes. Located at the corner of Tudor and Lake Otis, Obsession Records has provided a perfect place for anyone in Anchorage to make a quick stop and look around to see what they have to offer. They carry primarily vinyl, but also CDs and cassette tapes.

“I’ve bought around 15 vinyl’s total there probably, and I’ll continue to go back. They always have a good selection of rock and indie, which is what I listen to mostly. Obsession is a great place no matter if you’re just getting into vinyl or have been collecting for a long time,” Sam Hammer, an Anchorage resident and vinyl collector said.

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Obsession Records opened shop in November 2014 stocked with new and used vinyls to CD's and cassettes. Photo credit: Jay Guzman

As word has gotten out about Obsession Records, the people of Anchorage have become quite obsessed themselves. In these past two years the shop has developed a huge clientele, and many visitors from out of state stop by as well.

“In the summertime, tourists from all over come in. Vinyl is something that people tend to collect while traveling, which gives us a neat variety of customers. However, our regular clients that come in have proven to be loyal and important to the business as well,” Verna Haynes said.

With the influx of customers and therefore a much higher demand for product, Steve and Verna decided to go with the decision to expand the shop and reopen in a larger space. This will still be in the same parking lot as the current location, just in a different building, right behind Golden Donuts. The expansion will allow for more product, with a much wider selection.

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“In the old shop, there was only around 400 square feet of usable space for retail. Now, we are going to have around 1,000 square feet for product. It will allow us to bring so much more to the table,” Haynes said.

The content of music that is currently in the shop has satisfied most customers, but the owners of Obsession Records main goal is to carry something for everyone. Whether it be an old country CD or Drake’s newest rap album, they strive to have a wide variety of music, which is exactly what this expansion will help do.

“We really want to expand our jazz and hip-hop vinyl sections, and also add more CDs for sale. The expansion will allow us to have everything much more organized, and we’ll be able to maintain the selections we currently have while also adding a bit more,” Haynes said.

The new location of Obsession Records is set for its grand opening on Monday, Nov. 21st. Music lovers of all kind will be welcomed by the shop, and there is without a doubt something in the store worth listening to no matter what your music taste is.