‘Now You See Me’: Will you believe in magic?

Filmmaking in and of itself is an illusion. With a strong story and effects, a film effectively fools the audience and draws them in regardless of the fact that it’s all an elaborate trick. “Now You See Me,” a film about magicians, ironically fails to preserve that suspension of disbelief, even though its star-studded cast makes up with it with solid acting.

The film focuses on four magicians: a street performer (Jesse Eisenberg, “The Social Network”), a hypnotist (Woody Harrelson, “The Hunger Games”), an escape artist (Isla Fisher, “The Great Gatsby”) and a trickster thief (Dave Franco, “Warm Bodies”), who are brought together by a mysterious person to perform as “The Four Horsemen” in Las Vegas. They perform a bank robbery onstage and soon get entangled in a massive crime spree revolving around heists and secret societies.

The actors do a stellar job giving character to the protagonists, and their performances are very believable. They make the film fun and enjoyable, as most heist movies and magic shows are.

For the most part, the plot is written very well and is relatively easy to follow. It’s reminiscent of other heist movies like “Ocean’s Eleven,” and the film moves along at an engaging pace.

However, there are some major plot holes that will leave many people confused by the end. It leaves tons of questions unanswered. There’s the possibility that they’ll be answered if a sequel comes around, but that’s not enough for audiences to go on right now.

The plot holes may ruin the magic, but it’s hard not to admire the cast and crew for putting their efforts into it. By the end, audiences will see through the illusion and recognize it for what it is: a trick. But at least the initial entertainment and amazement will have still been worth it.