Job Openings

Jobs at The Northern Light are open to current UAA students taking six or more credits.
All positions require a 2.0 GPA, are part-time, and available for all semesters.

If you have questions please contact the executive editor, Kelly Ireland at [email protected] or call (907) 786-1434

To apply for a position go to and search for the job title.  As of February 1, 2015, we are looking for a:

  • Marketing Representative
  • Sports Editor
  • Assistant Arts & Entertainment Editor
  • Features Editor
  • Assistant Features Editor
  • News Editor
  • Assistant News Editor
  • Photographer
  • Layout Editor
  • Contract Reporters
  • Contract Photographer
Contract  reporting
 For contract reporters, TNL pays  $25 to $75 per article, depending on the type. (Movie reviews are $25, opinion pieces are $75).
  1. Show us an example of your work. This can be anything: a blog post, a short essay, etc.  Submit this to the managing editor and wait for comments.
  2. After hearing back from the managing editor, if you already have a piece that fits the comments given in the email, submit that. If not, pitch a new story to the managing editor, or ask to be assigned a story. The second piece must relate to the section you’re interested in: news, features, sports, arts, or opinion.
  3. The final piece must be published in TNL, online or in print. This story must be pitched to and approved by the managing editor. The pitch for this story should be sent with step 2, and originate from the reporter.

After you’ve completed these steps in sequential order, you will hear back from the managing editor with a proposal for contract writing or a request to see more work/published materials.

Contract photography, graphics, and multimedia

Like contract writers, contributors in this category get on contract by following the steps below. TNL pays $15 per published photograph or graphic, $10 for the raw recording of an events, and $25 for photo slide shows.

1. Submit a digital copy of your work to the managing editor. We prefer to see images of people, and judge the photo or video only on technical grounds.

2. After reviewing your work, the managing editor will assign you an article to work on.

3. The final piece must be published in TNL, the online or print version. This image or video must be pitched to and approved by the managing editor. At this point the managing editor will give little guidance, and will ask the contributor to illustrate one of several stories.


For more information on job openings or if you have any questions, contact Kelly Ireland at [email protected]