Noon music promises more broadened talent

The Student Union has many events each week, but none as loud and consistent as the Noon Music near Subway.

Students, people and bands from all genres and backgrounds are selected each week to perform for two hours inside the Student Union cafeteria, where many people pass by to go to classes or grab food.

The performers are usually mellow during their jam sessions, which are hosted every Wednesday, with the exception of extra special events scheduled during that timeframe.

“This has been the longest standing base event going on in the student activities department,” said Garren Volper, a programming team member who specializes in sound and finding new talent each week for Noon Music.

Not much has changed since the beginning of the event, other than a widening range of musical genres being performed. From covers to originals, it’s hard to predict what types of performances will happen each week.

Because the Student Union is a place where people study and eat, rockers, heavy metal, and screaming bands are not usually included in Noon Music schedules.

Noon Music is mostly targeted at mellow, jazz and singer-songwriter types of performers. Sometimes people from the Lower 48 will even play during Noon Music along with regular groups.

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Costs for this event involve paying the performers, paying the student organizations and paying student employment fees. Students produce graphics at low costs when advertising is needed.

However, a considerable problem with Noon Music persists: Groups with loud instruments struggle with the lack of sound quality the Student Union Cafeteria provides.

Noon Music has planned to do something a little different this year to make this weekly event more interesting. Kat Sweetman, programming assistant manager for Noon Music, said, “KRUA will be sponsoring one Noon Music event at the last Wednesday of every month.”

KRUA recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and wants to broaden the range of music played in the cafeteria.

One of the most interesting performances in the past involved accordions, tenors and banjos with Irish musicians.

A wide range of musicians are currently accepted to play, but not just anyone can get on stage to play or sing something.

“They need to be able to play songs for at least two hours and be on tune. Students who are studying don’t want to be distracted or annoyed,” says Volper. “We usually vote who gets to perform each week after people give us copies of their music.”

Lyrical content has never really been an issue, so there are currently minimal guidelines set for performers.

“We rarely run into that kind of problem. Most of the performers already know to keep the atmosphere clean. I’ve only seen one person drop the ‘F’ bomb three times during a song performance.”

The next Noon Music event will feature KRUA’s Anna Lynch at the end of this month.

If interested in performing for a Noon Music event, please contact programming staff at 907-786-1207 or email [email protected].