Non-alcoholic beer, a tragic misconception

A glass of Vino, a bottle of Corona; these are foreign concepts to the underage here at UAA. But for the individual who loves and longs for the taste of a good ‘ol brew with their burger, there has always been the saving grace of that single beautiful commodity: non-alcoholic beer.

Or not. That’s right, it’s a lie.

On the quest to find a locally brewed commodity of “non-alcoholic liquid spirits” on which to write a review (being one year shy of a good glass of red) there were many obstacles cluttering the way: where to purchase it, what brand, light or dark? All of which paled in comparison to the ultimate issue: it is against the law to serve “non-alcoholic beer” to anyone under the legal drinking age of 21 (a fact of which I was not aware).

“About twice a month we have someone under 21 in here trying to order a non-alcoholic beer,” said Moose’s Tooth waiter Adam J. “Most people just don’t know.”

It’s true: it is a very common misconception, because though the title states that there is “no alcohol” a beer that is “NA” does in fact possess 0.5% ABV (alcohol by volume) and is therefore illegal to serve in restaurants to those who have not yet achieved the intoxicating goal of “adulthood.”

And so, it was with a heavy heart and full stomach that the alcohol-serving scene was vacated by a beer-seeking soul, down trodden and defeated; completely full of pizza that was sincerely lacking its perfect companion.

Better luck next time… Mocktail anyone?