No-heat-o Mojito worth the effort

VirginDrink_KLThe No-heat-o Mojito virgin drink is not a simple mocktail. Its sweet flavor will appeal to both those under and over the drinking age. Despite its minor complexities, a focused attention to detail is well worth the delicious result.

First, make a simple syrup by mixing 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup sugar. Heat this over medium heat until the sugar is dissolved, which typically takes no more than two to three minutes.

Fill a Mason jar 3/4 full with cubed ice. Juice one and a half limes into the Mason jar and add a couple sprigs of mint, no more than one tablespoon. Roll the mint leaves around between your fingers to release the oils and flavor. Add two tablespoons of canned crushed pineapple with about a tablespoon of the liquid in the can. Finally, add a quarter cup of the syrup and top off with water.

Cover the Mason jar with the lid and shake. When you drink the mocktail, the ice should filter out the mint leaves, but if you still aren’t keen on the possibility of eating mint leaves, strain the liquid before you drink it.

The beverage is well suited for a summer occasion, and even more apt for a beach atmosphere. The taste was sweet from the sugar, tangy and tart from the lime and refreshing from the mint. The flavors as a whole melded together for a cohesive and pleasant flavor. The mint and ice cool the drink as the scents excite the nose.

The Mason jar is the true star of the show. The recipe mixologists needed to improvise as they were without a true cocktail shaker. The lid allows for expert control in shaking throughout the drink, a job normally left to a stir straw.
This drink is a fine substitution for its alcoholic counterpart. The only thing lacking is a true taste of mint, which could be overcome by the addition of extra mint sprigs. Overall, it is a fun drink with refreshing flavor.

Drink: No-Heat-o Mojito
Recipe by: Michelle Roy
Ingredients: Lime, water, sugar, cubed ice, mint leaves
Rating: 4/5