New Wii game takes steps forward in motion-controlled shooting

Okay, first off, if you sold your Wii for a Playstation or an Xbox, you are missing out on something really special. If you haven’t and you like playing bowling and.bowling, you will be pleased to know that there is actually a hardcore shooter game available for the Wii.

Not only is this the Wii’s first truly amazing first-person shooter (FPS) but it also is the best looking game as well. There is so much going on under the hood that you will almost forget that you are playing the Wii. Every area of every set piece shimmers, reflects and sparkles.

“The Conduits” story is pretty much standard fare with military conspiracies and alien encounters, but the main draw is the ASE (All Seeing Eye). The game hinges on this little orb device. It helps you disarm bombs, hack terminals and even unlock the cool concept videos and art. Everyone wants it, and no one really knows why until the end of the 8-hour campaign, which brings up how short the campaign is; you could probably blast through it about 6 hours.

Game play is where “The Conduit” really shines. The first thing that you should do is configure the controls the way you want them. You can literally tweak how far you move the WiiMote until you turn and how sensitive it is. This is really what sets the game apart from the rest; you don’t have to rely on the standard. and frustrating, controls. The only real downside is that you can’t fully look up or down, and that is a real drag because enemies will sometimes use that cheap trick and hide from you. While you can “lock on” it still doesn’t help at all. This is really maddening as you constantly have to back up and readjust which is ironically the norm in the later parts of the game.

Also, there are no gimmicks whatsoever in “The Conduit.” It is just straight up shoot’em up fun. It realizes why we play these games in the first place; to have a blast. It pulls no punches, and while it doesn’t reinvent the genre, it does push it slightly forward with its minimalist ideas.

The biggest deal with this game is the realized multiplayer. You have your standard modes, but it has a great system that allows you to start with certain weapons for just a little bit of an edge. It’s not quite “Call of Duty,” but it will remind you why you like to play first-person shooter games in the first place.