{News Briefs}

UA professors awarded research grant

Dr. Sharman Haley and Lisa Schwarzburg of the Institute of the Social and Economic Research and Public Administration Department recently received a grant from the National Science Foundation entitled “How Changes in Childbirth Practices Affect Cultural Connectedness.” Schwarzburg is an interdisciplinary doctoral student at UAF and an adjunct instructor and researcher at UAA. Schwarzburg will look at the impact of the change in childbirth practices on the Inupiat Eskimo community of the Kotzebue region. She will gather information from two main groups: women who gave birth prior to the “transport” system now in place, and those who gave birth under the transport system. Schwarzburg can be contacted at [email protected] or 907-373-5503.


National Science Foundation grant awarded to UAA

The National Science Foundation’s Human and Social Dynamics program has awarded a grant to Dr. Lilian Alessa of UAA’s Resilience and Adaptive Management Group. The grant will help establish a Community-Based Complexity Modeling Framework in partnership with Arizona State University, the University of Arizona and the Santa Fe Institute.

The $154,000 grant will help bring social and cultural considerations to the forefront of predictive models that seek to understand how human communities will adapt to changes, particularly those associated with natural resources such as water and agriculture.

For more information on the complexity-modeling project or grant, please contact Jessica Hamlin at 786-1288.

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KRUA at Campus Kick-Off

On Saturday August 26, KRUA will be taking part in the annual UAA Campus Kick-Off event from 5-7 p.m. This year the station will be managing two separate stages with live musical performances. Currently “Sleep Machine” and “Prince Albert and the Fireweed Stampede” are heading up the main stage. KRUA will need volunteers to help out with setup for this event. If you are interested, contact them at 786-6801 or 786-6800.


Students invited to help plan 2006 Homecoming

The UAA 2006 homecoming committee announced Oct. 7 through 15 is homecoming week. The committee is seeking students who would like to get involved and help shape the week with activities that will excite students to participate throughout the entire week of events. Students who want to get involved can contact Stacey Marsh in the UAA Alumni Relations office at [email protected] or Heather Stalling in Residence Life at [email protected]