News Briefs

Assembly Member comes to UAA, listens to the concerns of students

Elvi Gray-Jackson, an Assembly Member of Anchorage, came to UAA on July 24 to meet with student leaders and address their concerns and questions about the city. Being the Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee, she readily had information on where taxpayer money was going. Three students and one faculty member came to the meeting, all having a hand in student leadership on campus. The biggest concern was what was being done to better the public transportation system known as the People Mover, and Gray-Jackson assured that plans were being put into action to better public transportation as part of an energy relief plan. Other issues brought to the meeting included a city-wide recycle plan, alternative energy plans, the installation of bike lanes on more and more major roads, and the decline of tourism and how it has impacted the economy. Even though a lot of taking was happening, the most results that seemed to be drawn from the meeting were promises of, “We’ll look into it.”